Breast Reduction

Reduction mammaplasty or Breast reduction surgery is a technique employed to reduce the size of the breast. Size reduction is obtained by removing any excess of tissue, fat, and skin.

Large breasts can be a discomfort, a source of pain in the neck, back, and shoulders, nerve pain, rash beneath the breasts, etc. They might be a hindrance in many physical activities and wearing outfits of your choice.

Breast Reduction Auckland Surgery

A woman’s size of the breast, amount of tissue removal, and some other factors influence the surgeon’s choice of procedure. Here is a list of several surgery options that are available for the surgeon to choose from.

1)  Liposuction – A surgery that includes suctioning the fats of the breasts through a tube. You can go for liposuction if you want a slight reduction in breast size.

2)  Vertical scar procedure – Suitable for people with a sag in their breasts. The size reduction is moderate. The surgeon removes extra tissues and fats by an incision.

3)  Inverted T technique – The surgeon would make multiple cuts around the areola and the breast’s crease. He would advise this procedure to someone who has too saggy or uneven breasts and needs a considerable reduction in their breast mass.

Risks And Complications

There are a few possibilities for the risks and complications during and after a breast reduction surgery, such as

  • Bruises and scars after surgery are expected, and they fade over time, though not wholly.
  • Infection or side effects to Anesthesia
  • Decrease or loss of sensation in nipples and areolae
  • Bleeding or blood clots
  • Nerve or blood vessel damage
  • Incomplete healing might require a skin graft

Did you know?

There is no official age restriction for a reduction of mammoplasty. However, you might be required to be 18 years old to qualify at some places. Your body and breasts should be fully developed. You might postpone breast reduction surgery if you have certain future plans, such as If you’re planning to conceive, you might not want to risk your ability to breastfeed, Or, if you’re all set to lose weight, then you can wait to see the change in your breast size after weight loss.

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