3 Products That Will Improve Your Nail Health

No matter your gender, it’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of a manicure. Whether it’s elaborate fake nails, a classic French tip, or just well-cared-for natural nails, this seemingly simple detail can help a look seem more put together and attractive.

However, the constant cycle of refreshing your polish or acrylics can take a toll on your nails. Added to the natural impact your hands must deal with each day, and it’s no wonder your nail health might not be at its best. Nevertheless, that’s no reason to ignore their needs. By investing in a few particular products—both conventional nail care supplies and less traditional items—you can keep your nails happy and healthy without sacrificing your mani.

1. Can I minimize the damage a manicure might do?


While consistently maintaining and refreshing a manicure isn’t ideal for your nail health, it’s a step that many people would rather not skip. An outfit just isn’t complete with chipped polish or unvarnished fingertips! So, it’s important to determine how you might make any negative effects of your manicure a little less severe.

One easy way to do this is to take proper care of your nails before, during, and after your manicure. For instance, you might be devoted to your regular gel manicure. Do you take care of your nails afterward? One crucial step is to avoid picking at the gel polish, no matter how tempting that urge may be. Do you find yourself doing just that even though you know better? Experiment with a fidget toy or other alternative that will distract you from your poor polish.

2. How can my manicure support nail health?


Regular trips to the nail salon won’t always help your nails be more healthy, but your manicure can offer some benefits, too. For example, consider that Trysprig nail buffer kit you turn to time and again. Its exfoliating properties offer a smooth, shining surface that helps polish adhere more beautifully if you even need to add polish at all.

However, the benefits of buffing your nails aren’t strictly aesthetic. You’ll find that this portion of your nail care routine can have health benefits, too. The most notable is the buffing block’s ability to promote circulation and blood flow. Experts recommend using your buffer once a week for the best results.

3. What easy steps can improve my nail health?


Perhaps you’re already diligent about your nail care. That’s great! There may still be ways to further improve your nail health, though. For instance, you might decide to add a vitamin or supplement to your daily routine.

You‘ll find plenty of supplement options formulated especially for nail, skin, and hair growth, but you can also pinpoint specific vitamins for nail health. Among others, iron, magnesium, biotin, and other B vitamins are especially recommended as additions that promote healthy nails. Of course, be sure to consult your doctor before trying a new vitamin or supplement. In that way, they can check for any adverse interactions, risks, or other issues that might otherwise arise.

Plenty of people pay close attention to their manicures, but few of them focus more specifically on the health of their nails. However, promoting nail health doesn’t mean you have to forgo your regular salon visits. Instead, take care of your nails by using the best products, like a buffing block. Ensure you follow expert guidance in caring for your manicure, even if that means grabbing a fidget toy to avoid picking at that gel polish. Finally, talk to your doctor about potentially adding a vitamin like biotin to your health and wellness routine—your nails will certainly thank you.

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