Purrfect Tea, The Purrfect Drink

After its tremendous buzz across the South, and interesting concept, we wanted to highlight this business as one of the bigger and growing upcoming spots in the South East area. Purrfect Tea, owned by Isaac King and Ashley Cothern, located in Waycross, Georgia, aims to be something unique, special, and all around amazing for those in the surrounding area. In a town and location where growth has a high potential, Purrfect Tea is one of the leaders in modernizing an area that would otherwise be stagnant. 

Specializing in Boba and Bubble Tea, Purrfect Tea offers a wide combination of flavors and tastes for all to enjoy. Officially opening October 1st, the first month of Purrfect Tea is one of many that will lead into an empire. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Purrfect Tea and if you’re nearby, I recommend heading over and finding YOUR Purrfect Drink, today!

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