What Are The Most Common Injuries That Appear In Slip And Fall Accidents?

After you are involved in a slip and fall at BJS Boston MA or at any other location around the country, there is a very good possibility you will be injured. We automatically tend to think that we will not be seriously injured. In reality, injuries can be much more serious than you might imagine. Just think about the following:

  • 12% of the emergency room visits are due to slip and fall injuries. 
  • There is a 5% possibility you will break one of your bones. 
  • Serious injuries appear in slip and falls in 20 to 30 percent of incidents. 

To further shed some light on the subject, here are some of the most common injuries that tend to appear in slip and fall accidents. 

Broken Bones

Bones break when too much pressure is put on them. During falls, there is a stressful force put on the bones that could lead to them breaking. The most common areas affected by fractures are ankles, wrists, and hips. 

Unfortunately, if you are older, there is a higher possibility one of your bones will break after a fall. Fortunately, your health or age does not matter when such an accident happens and you are entitled to financial compensation. 

Sprained Wrists Or Ankles

As you try to cushion your fall, it is easy to end up with a sprained wrist. Also, an uneven or unusual step can lead to sprained ankles. As ligaments inside your ankles or wrists tear, the strain or sprain appears. Because of the fact that your ligaments will not receive much blood from the body, strains and sprains often take much longer to heal than you initially think. 

Although you might think that such an injury is not serious, it is enough to think about how it would affect your daily activities. It is possible you will not be able to walk so you will not be able to work.

Knee Damage

You can injure your knee after the slip and fall because you twist it during your fall. You can also simply fall right on it. A knee is very complicated. It is made out of ligaments and bones. Hurting your ACL or MCL will lead to a long recovery period. Besides ligament tears, dislocating the patella is also possible. Knee reconstruction might be the only way to recover after a more serious injury. 

Muscle Strains And Dislocations

During the fall, you can hit your shoulder. Also, it is possible that you try to reach out during the fall so the shoulder ends up jarred. A shoulder dislocation or a muscle strain often requires an immediate surgery, which is not what you want to hear. Treatment plans can be necessary if you want to recover but the recovery period will surely be long. 

Every single one of the injuries above is very serious. You have to take slip and fall accidents seriously. If you do not know what to do after you are faced with such an accident, the best thing you can do is to hire a personal injury attorney who could help you.

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